HHS Class of 2001

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Class of 2001 - History Album

Class Clown - Jarrett Knapp & Heidi Keaster
Biggest Flirt - Nathan Gane & Callie Hein
Best Personality - Kelly Keenan & Ashley Steinle
Most Gullible - David Roberts & Leslie Davis
Most Changed - Kenny Butler & Morgan Miller
Most Opinionated - Gregg Rice & Morgan Miller
Best Eyes - Trevor Johnson & Molly Harper
Shyest Person - Brain Moore & Marissa Marcel
Biggest Gossip - Dusty Wood & Shyla Epler
Life of the Party - Geoff Kehr & Ashley Axtman
Best Hair - Damon Vold & Lauren Haire
Most Musically Talented - Ben Kennedy & Kelly Helmbrecht
Mind in the Gutter - Jeff Edelen & Kelly Helmbrecht
Most Athletic - Tyler Peterson & Lisa Seacat
Most Likely to Succeed - Andy Brown & Amanda Duncan
Most Desirable Date - Curt Johnson, Erica Sandiland & Janna Nisbet
Biggest Mooch - Anthony Swan & Letisha Hunthausen
Biggest Sense of Humor - Levi Gill & Shannon Connors
Most Spirited - Seth Jamison & Britany Divine
Most Relaxed - Tim Martin & Lauren Haire
Most Artistic - Andy Lundey & Blakely Hay
Biggest Space Cadet - Matt Zavalney & Nicole Espeland
Best Flex - Shane Hanson & Bonnie Noel
Most Involved - Andy Tweeten & Amanda Duncan
Best Legs - Shane Medley & Katie Gomendi
Friendliest Person - Kelly Keenan & Cassie Egbert
Most Likely to be on Jerry Springer - Jim Tolain & Letisha Hunthausen
Most Accident Prone - Hank Flatow & Molly Harper
Best Dressed - Patten & Kristen Robinson
Best Smile - Curt Johnson & Sierra Ball
Most Likely to be Famous - Tyler Peterson & Erin Oelkers
Biggest Dare Devil - Jesse Leland & Shanna White
Most Likely to be a Model - Shane Medley & Kristin Robinson


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