HHS Class of 2001

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"Our four years of high school quickly came and quickly went, only to leave us with bittersweet memories.  We will always remember our battles, whether we won or lost, we hold close the days of happiness and we erase the days of struggle.  We all started out small and afraid in or days of innocence, unaware of how fast things would go.   We began to grow as individuals and together, building pride that shaped us into the unique class that we are.  We accomplished our goals and we built our own reputation.  With all of our lessons we learned, we will carry encouragement, and ambition on our hearts forever.  The world now lies open before our eyes, we are ones that hold the key to society, and we the prominent class of 2001 will handle the future with care."

--Helena High School Vigilante 2001 Vol. 83

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